US Communities with the Highest Wealth

The Midwest is joining New York City and the Silicon Valley as the richest communities in America, according to the newest Bloomberg 2016 Census data analysis. America’s most affluent community, Atherton, California, is on Bloomberg’s list for the second consecutive year. The city of only six square miles is near to Palo Alto, Stanford University, and Menlo Park, the home of many tech firms and also the home of Facebook. Atherton’s average household income was slightly over $440,000 in 2016, which makes it $50,000 higher than the second-place city, Cherry Hills Village, Colorado. You and your family can make the American Dream your own by contacting USAFIS for Green Card Lottery and US immigration information.


Added to the list this year were three areas in suburban Chicago. One suburb 25 miles west of downtown Chicago, Clarendon Hills, Illinois, had an increase of 15 percent from the last report with an average household income of just under $200,000. The requirement to break into the top 100 requires an average household income of $200,000, compared to last year’s $190,000, according to the Bloomberg’s analysis. The tri-state area of New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut represented 36 of the top 100 spots, which makes it the most concentrated place of wealth of any region. Twenty-one of the cities are in California, with most being close to the San Francisco Bay area. Highland Park, Texas, was at the number fourteen place last year and made it to number nine in this report. The state has zero income tax which makes it an attractive city. If living in America is on your wish list, contact USAFIS for information about the Green Card Lottery. They can assist you every step of the way.