About Usafis

USAFIS.org helps immigrants and their family apply for the  Card Lottery and help them acheive their dream and enjoy a better life in America.
While living in the U.S seems immpossible for many people, USAFIS.org makes it a lot of easier for them by supporting them through the Green Card Lottery prcess.
USAFIS which have 15 years of experience help immigrants fill out the Green
Card application with no errors.

How USAFIS.org helps you during the Green Card Lottery process?
1. Registration – USAFIS will check to make sure you are eligible.
2. Application – USAFIS will help you thorugh the all process.


3. Photo – USAFIS will verify your photo stand for all the U.S requirements.
4. Submission – USAFIS will double – check your documents to comfirm no errors axict.
5. Selection – USAFIS agents will contact you once you’ve been selected.

With USAFIS you can enjoy from 24/7 costumer services provided in your native language, so you will be able to be involved in your own process.
USAFIS is one of the leading organization, which helps immigrants with the Green Card Lottery application.

What is Usafis?

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