The Many Opportunities Available in America

In his book, The Epic of America, James Truslow Adams used the term “American Dream” to describe a land where life would be better for everyone. He wrote about opportunities for every person based on their achievements and abilities.

He emphasized that this dream is not about fancy cars or high wages, but more about a culture where every person will be able to reach their fullest potential and thus be recognized for what they have accomplished regardless of their history or status.

Eighty years later, the term might better be described as “American Dreams” because the United States continues to increase in the variety of ethnicities and cultures, making it one of the most diversified countries in the world. Every group of U.S. immigrants has the opportunity to develop their own opinion about opportunities in the U.S.

USAFIS: an immigration service. Not too long ago in the United States, blacks and whites were separated, women were not allowed to vote, most children did not further their education, and diseases were rampant.

American society has made amazing progress, and it’s much easier to be an immigrant in America today than it was a century ago. USAFIS’ experts help people apply for the Green Card Lottery so they can move to the United States to live and work.

This shows how America is open to many people, which is exactly what the Founding Fathers wanted to happen when they wrote the Declaration of Independence and Constitution of the United States. America is a symbol of hope to many by providing a place to become all that they can be.